Creating a PHQ9 form

Hello, I want to create a form for PHQ9 but I don’t see how to add a value of each question, for example, answer 1 value is x, answer 2 value y and at the end total score is x+y etc

Hi, I’m guessing you’re using multiple choice questions, is that right? You can set the “Choice Value” for each option. The user’s selections will be stored as the result of the multiple choice question, so you can then have a hidden value which sums up the questions to calculate the total score.

Hi @Ethan_Soergel,


We need help

Can anyone help us with the formulas to create/calculate a score from a checklist step by step?

We have 16 yes/no single select questions. One of the questions is shown below.

What does choice value mean in the image? We want to put 1 as default value if the answer is yes and 0 if the answer is no.

After we want to calculate a score by summing all yes answers divided by total number of applicable answers (in our case there are sixteen applicable answers as we have sixteen single choice questions).

There is a section that talks about hidden values, but we do not know how we can use them.

Looking forward to your reply.

The choice value is what will be stored as the answer to the question, while the Display Text is what the user sees. In your screenshot above, if the user selects "Sim", it'll store "1" as the response.

Hidden values are a type of question that aren't shown to the user. You can add one of those, and set the Calculate field to sum up those sixteen questions and divide by 16. Something like

(#form/question1 + #form/question2 + ...) / 16

This result will then be visible in the submitted form data. You can also display it to the user in a label or in another question.