Creating a display condition to follow up forms

Hi everyone, I have follow up forms that assess improvement in learning. For example, On the first visit the person is rated as weak to a specific question. On follow up visits the person is rated as competent for the same question. Is there any way to ensure that any question that the person is rated competent will not be displayed during follow up visits? Thanks

Hi there - I don’t have an answer to this but a very similar question, so I thought I would put it here since the answer might be very similar, too.

I have a situation where the professional coaches use a form to capture teacher performance in the classroom. The app converts the observations into scores in categories like “Classroom Management”. I want to build a feature where, at the second visit, the app pulls the scores from the first visit, calculates the change in score and highlights any improvement. I am not sure how to pull a value from a prior visit, just like Lilia.

Help is appreciated!


It sounds like both of these scenarios could be addressed by implementing case management in the apps.

Have you explored implementing cases in these apps? I can help out with any issues using cases to solve these cases.