CouchBD connection error on install


We are encountering a problem while installing a monolith when running the following command:

$ commcare-cloud cluster deploy-stack --first-time -e 'CCHQ_IS_FRESH_INSTALL=1'

Here is the error message:

Any clue where this could come from?





I'd really appreciate some help as we are really struggling to address this issue. We've done many installs in the past without problem, but we are hitting a wall on this one.


Hi Guillaume,
I'm not sure what would be causing this issue, but if you haven't been able to set up couch at all yet, I would try changing the password in the vault file. I seem to remember some issues with specific characters in passwords not working with couch.

Thanks Farid! We will explore this avenue and let you know.


Figured this might be a dependency issue so we did an install on a fresh Ubuntu install and it went OK.