Concat function to join names is not working

concat function to join names is not working!

What is the expression you’re testing? What is the output you expect to see, and what do you see instead?

I am attempting to do simple concat of names to create full name (first, middle and last names)

I used the following expression:




concat(/data/* *name_of_the_child ,’’,/data/ Middle_name_of_the_child ,’’,/data/ last_name_of_the_child)

This expression is not getting through.



Those property references look incorrect. I’d drag and drop the appropriate questions into the expression editor to make sure they are correct. The first property is
/data/* *name_of_the_child
Asterisks don’t make sense in this context, it should be /data/name_of_the_child

concat(/data/name_of_the_child ,’’,/data/ Middle_name_of_the_child ,’’,/data/ last_name_of_the_child) function is not working

Have you tried dragging and dropping the questions rather than typing it out?

Yes I did drop them . Still am unable to fix the bug .

Maybe we’re talking about different things. Here’s what it looks like when I drag and drop questions:

If I copy and paste that, it appears like this:
concat(#form/first_name, " ", #form/last_name)