CommCarer Server Problem from Bangladesh

Hi Muhammad

We don’t know of any connectivity issue from Bangladesh but CommCare HQ was
unavailable for a significant portion of time yesterday during some
unscheduled maintenance so its possible that your problems were related to

Everything is working again now you shouldn’t have any further issues.

Best regards

··· On 29 September 2014 16:50, Muhammad Ishfak Azam Chowdhury <> wrote:

Dear CommCare Group,

Greetings from Bangladesh and BRAC as well.

We are using CommCare based mobile application for mobile data
collection in two remote areas in Bangladesh. But we have found
connectivity problem in the application. But we have done PING at
www.commcarehq,org, IP: The result has shown “Request
timed out”. Is there any problem to connect from Bangladesh.

Sorry for the trouble. Hope to hear you soon.

–With Best Regard

*Muhammad Ishfak Azam Chowdhury
Manager, Data Management
Social Innovation Lab Department
75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212
Tel: 9881256, Ext:3383
Mob: 01671981464, 01734817442

Simon Kelly
Senior Engineer | Dimagi South Africa