Commcare Server Reboot

I did a reboot of the commcare server and run the following command:

commcare-cloud commcare after-reboot all

The command however fails showing as follows:

Hi @EzraMungai

Observed the same on an instance running in our environment - seems to be caused by two versions of Postgresql (9.6 and 10) both running on the server.

Temporary workaround used on this end was to start the postgresql service manually by running:

sudo service postgresql start

and proceeding to start other services that did not start with the reboot all command after running

commcare-cloud env name django-manage check_services

start any remaining services that the check_services command shows did not start using:

commcare-cloud env name service service name restart

Hi @EzraMungai

Further to my previous response you may also want to check and manually start the following services:

pgbouncer (may be masked)

sudo systemctl unmask pgbouncer
sudo service pgbouncer status
sudo service pgbouncer restart

then restart the following postgresql9.6 service manually

sudo service postgresql@9.6-main status
sudo service postgresql@9.6-main restart

then try check services again using django-manage

commcare-cloud env-name django-manage check_services

I can see that there is only one version of postgres running 9.6.

So when i try to restart the service it shows this

Note: I cant seem to be able to start pgbouncer because it is 'masked'