CommCare HQ Update

Dear Users,

Improved speed when building your application
In the last two weeks we have been making a few under-the-hood improvements
to CommCare HQ. Of note, the applications area of the website was very slow
and we took some time to optimize it. We hope you can feel the difference!

Data Export Backend
For those of you interested, we have made programatic access to your data on
CommCare HQ easier with a system that allows for the programmers among you
to download your data automatically through an authenticated connection.
More documentation here:

Also make sure to check out the following features, announced in previous

Vellum, our new form designer
Although Vellum is still in development, you can check it out by following
the “Edit in Vellum (new!)” link from the form page. It excels at basic
editing of forms including groups and translations and is MUCH more stable
than the old form designer. There are a few known issues that we’re working
on, and in particular we haven’t finished allowing you to add Data Nodes
(placeholders for information that aren’t directly related to a question);
Data Nodes are an important part of intermediate-to-advanced workflows, and
they will be appearing in Vellum shortly. (For now, you’ll have to use the
old form designer for these.)

Case, Referral, & Users Export
This is one that’s been around for a while, but I want to encourage everyone
to start looking at the data in this export, because for MANY questions,
this is the place to look instead of your raw data. It is an export of the
current condition of all of your CHW’s patients (i.e. “cases”), including
all information that you have loaded into the case.