Commcare fresh installation error

HI all
I was setting up commcare for testing purpose for echis project but while installing i have stacked with this error could any body help me with this

If you scroll up in the output, there should be a failure message with a bit more context. It does look like one of those two machines was unreachable, however, so you’ll probably need to troubleshoot that. It should be accessible over a normal ssh connection.

Hi Ethan thanks for your fast response , i have been able to trouble shoot the issue but the the error still pops i was configuring on two machines one is the controller and i can ssh pass wordless from controller to the other one with ansible user and also have allowed or permit root login ob both machine ,as well and initialized the comm care as well but while deploying below error pops which means can’t be able to access ansible user from control to the other but while i was trying manually can be able to login with out password can you check the error if i miss any thing


Hi Dan,
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What is the command you are running? It would be helpful in the future to paste the full command you are running so that we have more context to help.

If you are trying to run the deploy-stack command with --first-time, then this only works once, as it will have set up the users already and disabled root user access. If you are no longer able to log in to the machines with the root ssh password that you entered, you can try running:

$ commcare-cloud <env> deploy-stack --skip-check --skip-tags=users <...args>

You can see more about this here:

HI @Farid_Rener thanks for the response here are the steps and command i used for your review and information while on installation if i miss any thing you can correct me
The steps i followed for installation Note that this application already in production i have updated some thing based on my instance for testing purpose
steps1 :i permitted root password login on both server which means echis_1 and echis_2
step 2 : i have cloned from github the source code on my echis_1 which is my control which i have updated my inventory according to my configuartion
Step 3 :i have created ansible user on both machine and give sudo permission and authenticated through pass wordless using ansible user
the command i used to login “cchq echistest ssh ansible@ipaddress” and able to logged in to echis_2
Step 4 , i have given owner ship to ansible over commcare-cloud cloned code ,
chown -R ansible:ansible commcare-cloud
step5 ,installed all the required packages
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install python-pip sshpass
$ sudo pip install ansible virtualenv virtualenvwrapper --ignore-installed six
Step 6. sudo touch /var/log/ansible.log && sudo chmod 666 /var/log/ansible.log
Step 7, i have initialized using this command
source commcare-cloud/control/
Step 8,updated also configured the env accordingly
with below command
COMMCARE_CLOUD_ENVIRONMENTS=/home/ansible/commmcare-cloud/environments manage-commcare-cloud configure
Step 9
echo “source ~/.commcare-cloud/” >> ~/.bash_profile
step 10
source ~/.commcare-cloud/
step 11 i have checked if the env is setted properly
step 12 update known hosts
cchq echistest update-local-known-host
step 12 updated users as well
cchq echistest update users
step 13 since i have update the vault.yml file as well accordingly
step 14 frist time installation
cchq echistest deploy-stack --first-time -e 'CCHQ_IS_FRESH_INSTALL=1’
after this command it asks vault password and ssh password it works and start to check the installation is configured after going some steps it stops
the error pops up based on the above already shared screen shot
for further investigation i can the share you the detail error ? if needed