CommCare Data Export API setup for two-layer Repeat Group

Hi Support Team,

I'm trying to export data thru commcare-export (DET) but having issue with exporting two-layer repeat group data.

I have a form with two repeat groups:

  1. Repeat questions for mothers
  2. Within each mother repeat group, another repeat group for questions for children.

I'm wondering how to prepare an Excel Query File for API in this case? I have no problem with exporting mother's data, but couldn't pull children's data correctly.

For now, I put form.form.repeat_group_women[*] in Data Source for mother's repeat group and put form.form.repeat_group_women.each_woman.women_questions.repeat_group_children[*] in Data Source for child's repeat group.

Thanks in advance for your help!

HI Joyce (welcome to the forum).

I'm not 100% sure but you could try this: