CommCare April Updates: CommCare Mobile 2.5, CommCareHQ Improvements

Dear CommCare Users,

We’re happy to announce some changes to CommCare Mobile and CommCareHQ.

CommCare Mobile

CommCare Mobile version 2.5 is now available!

How to upgrade

Most Android phones will upgrade to the new version automatically, but for
Nokia phones you must change the version of your application on CommCareHQ
to 2.5, rebuild the app, and re-install it on the phones. If your Android
application is not automatically updating to 2.5, visit the CommCareODK
application in the google play store/marketplace and hit “upgrade”.

Nokia phones

  • Fix remote Update for J2ME
  • Improve error messages
  • Update all buttons to say “Back” instead of “cancel/exit”
  • Add multimedia validation tool to the user-facing tool menu
  • change “validating installation” to “validating multimedia files”

Bug Fixes
In addition to many small fixes, we improved application error catching and
reporting from the phone.

··· * * *Android phones* *Features*
  • Demo Mode - just like demo mode on the Nokia phone. To log in as a
    demo user, on the login screen, go to settings -> log in as demo user
  • Support display and validation conditions in field-lists
    (multi-question screens)
  • Resume failed installs from where they failed rather than restarting
    from the beginning
  • Display phone numbers as clickable in a form
  • unsent forms message now appears on the Sync button

  • Display some important error messages more visibly under the sync
    button rather than as a notification
  • Complete UI translations
  • Let the user usably change the default translation from the phone
  • Display some error messages on home screen
  • Ensure form/module selection always highlights the menu item in blue

Bug Fixes
Thanks to everyone who reported bugs they encountered on the phone. In
addition to some smaller bugs, we fixed two important ones:

  • Occasionally the app would stall after reaching the end of a form.
    This is now fixed.
  • When you first install an application with UI translations, the
    translations would show up in English regardless of the specified default
    language. This is now fixed.
  • Fixes to the Remote Update workflow


We hope you’ve been seeing improvements to CommCareHQ over the past month.
The following is a list of the major improvements we’ve made since the
last release notes in March:

  • Historical case data export (available in custom exports)
  • Custom form export supports data in a repeat
  • Custom export is in a more usable ordering that mirrors the order of
    data in the application
  • Case List report is now searchable and sortable
  • Email reports directly from report itself
  • Image auto-resizing for logos uploaded to the Exchange
  • Simplifications to the saved reports UI
  • Improve app builder error messages

Bug Fixes

  • Reassign Cases now works in the Firefox browser
  • You are now able to edit a custom registration form

As always, your questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and

Happy April,