CommCare application for supervisors

Dear CommCare users,
I am interested to know if there is any one who has created an application
running on the mobile phone for supervisors who are supposed to supervise
CHWs. Let me describe a scenario, let say there are five CHWs who visit
children under five years around households but these CHWs are supposed to
report to their supervisor who is also living at the village level where
the use of a computer to browse the report on CommCare HQ is not an option.
My interest here is to hear anyone one who has idea or been successful with
the development of supervisory CommCare app which can get aggregated data
from CCHQ submitted by the five CHWs and consolidate into one report
running on a mobile phone.
I apologize is this has been discussed already in the previous discussion.
This question has been raised with different people especially since the
paper report normally go through different levels of supervision so very
important as we implement mHealth solutions that submit data from CHW level
direct to the central system we take into consideration all these levels.