CommCare Android 2.8.2: Application Auto Update Fixes

Dear Users,

This fix is relevant for people using the “star” to remotely update their
CommCare applications. For information on remotely updating CommCare
applications, see:

It’s come to our attention that even when you set the Auto Update Frequency
in the Application settings to “Never” or “Weekly”, CommCare Android
applications would still attempt to update to the latest starred version on
a daily basis.

This issue has been fixed in 2.8.2. For information on receiving upgrades,

If you have not set the Auto Update Frequency in your application settings
on CommCare HQ, but want your apps to continue to update to the newest
starred versions you can configure that on the HQ website for your app.
You’ll need to manually update once to get that configuration change.

Clayton and the CommCare Team