CommCare 2.1.1 Hotfix Push

Hey all,

We noticed from the error logs that there was an issue affecting a
substantial number of 2.1 users which would occasionally cause force closes
to occur at somewhat random intervals after an update check.

We’re very close to the 2.2 release, but just wanted to
update everyone that we pushed a hotfix last night for 2.1 anyway to
address this for current installs. If you’ve been noticing the problem,
please check the Google Play store for updates. You’ve probably already
received it if your phone is set to auto-upgrade CommCare ODK.

We spend a fair amount of time reading through the error logs submitted
from phones on force-close, and I just wanted to thank everyone who took
the time to add a quick description to that field and reported the error to
us so we could track it down and fix it. Especially if people are emailing
the support list, it’s super helpful for us to have something to look up
(even if it’s just your name!) to associate your email with our error logs.