Close a form in case management

Hi Commcare users and developers,
I created an application with a registrer form and 3 others following forms.
I want that when I finish to fill the first following form, that this form only closes. I realized that when I put the close condition in the first follwing form, when this form closes the list of cases disappears in the 2 others forms. My question is how to close a form and keep the list of cases in the others forms?
Need your help!!!


It sounds like what you are trying to do is create a case A, which requires the user to fill out Forms X, Y, and Z, and the case is removed from the list for each form as it is complete?

The easiest way to do this is to create four modules rather than one. The first creates the case, and each of the other three modules have the same case type but no registration form, and the module has a Case list filter which is based on a property that is set in the form (IE: “not(./has_completed_x = ‘yes’)’”

If you set the menu mode for all 4 modules to only show forms (rather than Display Menu then Forms) all four forms will appear on the root menu.


Hi Clayton
It’s exactly what I want to do. Let try and get back to you. Thanks a lot!

Hi Clyton,
I tried to follow your instructions.
That was very helpfull. It’s great. Thanks for your availability and your support!

Hi Clayton,
I tried to show only forms (rather than display Men the forms) but I didn’t see this option in my page. Here is the image I see in my screen.

Thanks for your help!


You might need to open additional settings with the “Hamburger” (Three Horizontal Line) menu in the upper right hand corner of that page.


I’m sorry. I activated the settings menu but I don’t see the menu option. Howether I see this page in each form. I don’t know if it is the same?

Fantastic Clayton
It’s perfect now!

Hello Ethan
Thank your for your clarification becausse I read in commcare that to update lookup tables on the phone over time, you need to turn on “Two Way Sync”.
The problem I come accross now is that, I created a registrer form with 3 others following forms. the registrer form contains 4 lookup table fields. I want to display this fields in the following forms. So I created hidden fields with the result of this fields in default value in each hidden value in the following forms.
I have the same cases properties in all the 4 modules and forms of the App. But when I registrer a case, I see the fields of the case in all the following forms. But I don’t see the data under this fields of the case list. I see the data in the case list only one (01) following form.
I don’t know what is happening.
Thanks a lot for your support!