Chws still see test data on their phones even if the forms were archived

By accident, the CHW have submitted, during training, test data using the main users. I have archived all the submitted forms on Commcare HQ, but the chws still see the test data when they log in to the APP on their phone.

What can I do so that the chws do not see any test data when they are filling the forms with the real on the phone? I cannot delete the users because they are not test users.

Below is the warning against deleting users on commcare:

Warning : If you deleted a user, do not create another user with the same username. This can cause issues with your data.

Have the users synced with the server since the forms were archived? I’d expect that to remove the test data. If that still doesn’t work, you could try clearing user data on the user’s devices as described here:

It’s written in those docs but it’s important so I want to chime in to highlight a big big caveat when it comes to clearing user data on the device:

Please Note that this can result in some data loss if you have valid unsent forms.

As for the issue of cases not being removed from phones when all their forms are archived, this is a known issue, and Dimagi is currently looking into options we have to create a fix or a workaround. I will make sure to follow up on this thread once we have a better answer.