Changelog - item 44 has 404 in URL to migration document steps

In this item:

The link to the migration document at the end 404s

Hi Ed, thanks for notifying about that. A change log update is in progress, and should be rolled out soon. In the mean time, you can use the version from the pull request to get on your way: commcare-cloud/ at e67a3d5687e23bdb35435af6f730cc87cbd7b929 · dimagi/commcare-cloud · GitHub

Note that the pull request has not yet been reviewed, and reviewers may request changes before it is merged. If you choose to use the link above, which links to a commit in that PR, watch for changes and update your process if necessary.

Hi Daniel, unfortunately the first command under SETUP in that readme fails with:

Unknown command: 'couch_domain_report'

I assume I should use fab setup_limited_release with an earlier branch and perform these steps?