Celery - Analytics_queue has been blocked


After setting up Case Auto Update Rules, we noticed the following issue with Celery on the check_services page.

SUCCESS (Took 0.65s) kafka : Kafka seems to be in order SUCCESS (Took 0.02s) redis : Redis is up and using 96.56M memory SUCCESS (Took 0.07s) postgres : default:commcarehq:OK p1:commcarehq_p1:OK p2:commcarehq_p2:OK proxy:commcarehq_proxy:OK synclogs:commcarehq_synclogs:OK ucr:commcarehq_ucr:OK Successfully got a user from postgres SUCCESS (Took 0.02s) couch : Successfully queried an arbitrary couch view FAILURE (Took 0.07s) celery : analytics_queue has been blocked for 14:40:27.586403 (max allowed is 0:30:00) async_restore_queue has been blocked for 14:40:26.201718 (max allowed is 0:01:00) background_queue has been blocked for 14:40:21.944779 (max allowed is 0:10:00) case_import_queue has been blocked for 14:40:27.617574 (max allowed is 0:01:00) case_rule_queue has been blocked for 14:40:26.180051 (max allowed is 1:00:00) celery has been blocked for 14:40:25.844945 (max allowed is 0:01:00) celery_periodic has been blocked for 14:40:21.979183 (max allowed is 0:10:00) email_queue has been blocked for 14:40:22.130283 (max allowed is 0:00:30) export_download_queue has been blocked for 14:40:27.709629 (max allowed is 0:00:30) repeat_record_queue has been blocked for 14:40:27.690266 (max allowed is 1:00:00) saved_exports_queue has been blocked for 14:40:27.612394 (max allowed is 6:00:00) ucr_queue has been blocked for 14:40:26.276011 (max allowed is 1:00:00) SUCCESS (Took 0.06s) elasticsearch : Successfully sent a doc to ES and read it back SUCCESS (Took 0.06s) blobdb : Successfully saved a file to the blobdb SUCCESS (Took 0.05s) formplayer : Formplayer returned a 200 status code: https://commcare.solthis.org/formplayer/serverup SUCCESS (Took 0.00s) rabbitmq : RabbitMQ OK

Any pointers on the reason why this might come up? Could this be linked to this issue?