Cases lost on mobile worker device after disabling case sharing

I have 4 mobile workers in a village user group. Initially, my application had case sharing enabled before i realized that i did not want them to share cases.I disabled case sharing. Unfortunately, all households registered before case-sharing was disabled are not shown on mobile workers device.
I tried changing ownership for each mobile worker but i am still unable to see those households.

I need help restoring these missing households to be able to do followups.
Appreciate any help in advance.


Hi Tom,

You should be able to restore the cases to each user by using the reassign cases tool to assign those cases directly to the users, then pressing ‘sync’ on the phone to return the data to the device. Is that the workflow you followed?


Hello Clayton,

I did change the ownership by exporting cases to excel, make changes on case ownership and importing them back to server. The changes were reflect on the server but still I unable to see the lost cases on mobile worker.


Two Questions:

  1. If you view a case on HQ through the Case List report, does it show the owner properly (IE: With the name of the mobile user as a weblink) on that page?
  2. Have you tried logging in on a fresh device as one of the mobile users, or in web apps, to see if a fresh sync shows the cases?