Case Management for Parent Child relationships

Hie guys,

if i have a form that registers a case, can i have a form that updates that
case whilst also registering other cases? if yes how do i define this in
case management? because it seems there are only options to update a case,
register case or register a case for a different module. is a combination
possible? also, i dont want my follow up form to overwrite what was
captured at registration.

for example, for clarity… i register all children for screening purposes,
and do this repeatedly every month. those that are flagged as malnourished
I admit into the program. this admission form references case registered in
screening but i also want it to register cases for admitted patients to be
used in follow up visits…Each visit shd be linked to the admitted case
but should not overwrite each other. That way I can trace what transpired
on visit1, visit2 visit3 up to visit4.

also, if i want to accesss registered cases with a specific condition like
for example case-status = ‘yes’, where do i define this?

once i register a case can it have multple child cases?

I hope Someone can help…