Case Management: Export form not showing data (undefined form)


I have a simple case management system setup for CARE group monitoring. 1
form to register the group and the 2nd form to monitor the group with each
visit by the facilitator. The case management is behaving as expected.
However, we are having issues with seeing data when we export for a single
user and only for 1 form (the registration form).

We have a user: “schoque

schoque has no problem registering a group and has no problem doing
following ups with the monitoring form on the mobile device.

However, when we go to export the Registration Forms (register case) we do
not see schoquez’s data from the registration form but we see all the
other facilitators data no problem. When we export the monitoring forms
(updates the case) we see schoquez’s data in the monitoring forms no
problem. This is particularly odd to have data show up in the monitoring
form data export and not the registration form data export as you cannot
fill out the monitoring form without first registering the group.

I proceeded to check the worker activity and found that schoquez has been
submitting forms that i assume to be the registration forms but they are
showing up as undefined (Not sure if this matters).

Is it something obvious that i may have missed?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.