Case importer from Excel not working

For Closing cases I used Edit Data >Import Cases from Excel, and I set closed column to Yes and uploaded the excel.
Importing is not working saying waiting to start for hours.

@andyasne The case importer use a celery queue called ‘case_import_queue’

This error could mean that the worker that process this queue is down and not accepting messages. Have you checked the logs for this celery worker to ensure that messages are being received?

checked the worker and it is running. No errors on the log file
here is the latest log:

 (python_env) (echis) cchq@echis2:~/www/echis/log$ tail -f celery_celery,export_download_queue,email_queue,case_import_queue_0.log
   raise Error("cannot initialize blob db: %s" % reason)
Error: cannot initialize blob db: shared drive path is not a directory: u'/opt/shared_echis'
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,600: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-10] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__celery[8306d13e-9868-4146-a0aa-d51810e9eaca] succeeded in 0.002656331s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,600: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-15] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__case_import_queue[2dbc2673-ac47-4957-b6a5-b9126361f5e5] succeeded in 0.003346438s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,601: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-14] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__celery[578d3229-d91b-4089-a757-aeb5d40de37f] succeeded in 0.003192037s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,601: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__email_queue[d1d75f81-2070-41af-ba6b-fd759b8bf434] succeeded in 0.002968335s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,601: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-2] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__celery[d4c8dd14-dc66-4af7-b2ba-162c33b1a1cf] succeeded in 0.003959646s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,601: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-12] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__email_queue[64a25a6b-a359-4d23-b0b5-b69d591faeac] succeeded in 0.003912745s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,601: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-16] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__celery[8eba555f-cb8a-40ae-83ac-e3fc8f8f97a1] succeeded in 0.004743755s: None
[2019-05-06 10:36:07,602: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-13] Task corehq.celery_monitoring.heartbeat.heartbeat__celery[9ec858ef-9046-4f75-a72a-21e27115a7c6] succeeded in 0.004495752s: None

At the top of that log it says:

Error: cannot initialize blob db: shared drive path is not a directory: u’/opt/shared_echis’

This indicates the “blob db” (in your case, a share drive or folder) is not setup on the server. The case importer requires the blob db for upload