Case API v0.6 UAT

Dimagi is pleased to announce a new version of our case API! The v0.6 version has some powerful new features not available with the v0.5 case APIs. Users will now have the ability to create and update cases, instead of simply listing an individual case or series of cases. Additionally, v0.6 supports improved filtering and searching. Users are now able to search by specific case property values and can construct xpath expressions as parameters in their API call.

If you use the existing case API to retrieve case data, or are looking for new methods to extract data from CommCare, we would love to hear your opinion on these changes! Please respond to this post and someone from the Dimagi team will reach out to you to provide early access to this new feature on a Dimagi test space.

For anyone looking for specifics on what the v0.6 API can do that the v0.5 API cannot, this document should be able to provide context.