Cascading Lookup Table Multiple choice

Is it possible to do a cascading lookup table multiple choice selection based on the multiple choices from previous lookup table?


Yes, this wiki - outlines just what you need. Thanks.

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Thanks Subham, Looked at this but it does not work for the multiple choice selected which need to cascaded to the new lookup table where multiple choices are to be made
District selection : District A and District B selected out of Four districts in first lookup table
Then in second lookup table Municipality selection list of Municipalities from District A and List of municipalities from District B from all other municipalitties fromother two districts as well

This was problematic.
Tried using the filter selection too.

Got it,Thanks for providing an example on what you are trying to do here Dinee, that makes it much more clear for me.

To do this you can simply write your filter expression for the “Municipality lookup table” as selected(#form/district, district_id) where district_id is the column in the Municipality lookup table binding a muncipality to the district and #form/district is your multiple choice district question.