Cannot Create Menus error with no other information

I am unable to publish updates to my application due to a “Cannot Create Menus” error that appears. The only information it gives me is which form the error appears. I am also unable to access case management for that form. In the past, more information has always been given with the specific location of the error in the form. My form is quite large and I have already reviewed the parts that I most recently edited and could not identify any error. Also I’ve expanded all the questions and nothing appears red and when trying to save the form there is no indication there is an error.

Does anyone know the specific kind of error (improperly formatted validation, improperly formatted display condition, improperly formatted calculation, etc.) may be causing this?

As stated, before I’ve always had indications of my errors either when trying to publish or by red marking within the form builder, but nothing this time.

Hi Alejandro,

This looks like a cyclical reference error wherein you have a set of questions that reference each other in a cycle so that the form cannot evaluate. We have been improving this algorithm to provide a better error message describing what questions are involved (which is actually pretty hard!) and it looks like this is hitting a bug.

I’ve created a fix for this issue but it won’t be deployed until Monday. Until then I’ve been able to manually generate the set of questions involved:

/data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/prueba_otra_vez is referenced by /data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/caso_especial,

/data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/caso_especial is referenced by /data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/prueba_otra_vez_en_3_meses

/data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/prueba_otra_vez_en_3_meses is referenced by /data/grupo_consentimiento_si/grupo_con_nombre/grupo_hba1c_disponible/grupo_hba1c_valido/grupo_medicamento_calculaciones/prueba_otra_vez.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much William. This is a big help.