Can Commcare be used to collect time-to-event data

Hi All,
Good day and hope this meets you well?
Please can Commcare be used to collect clinical study data where there are multiple follow-up forms used in the collection of data from eligible respondents at different days within the study period

Furthermore, will the final dataset indicate the *data collected per day per follow-up form during the study period or just the final updated data for each form and not by the days of data collection.



At first glance, CommCare would seem well suited for that structure.

CommCare’s Case Management feature can easily track multiple follow-ups for an individual, and the underlying Case model will provide the latest, most up to date information about a person, while the underlying forms collected are also available for reporting and exports.

You can see some details about configuring these features on the help wiki or in our academy learning materials..

Hi Clayton,
Thank you for this response. I will check out the case management , develop a demo application, key in arbitrary data, in such a way that it fits our expected data collection and final dataset structure, and export the data to see how it turns out.
I will get back afterward. I am excited to get started.
Hopefully, everything will turn out great and meet my expectation of use!!!
Wish me luck.