Can cases be assigned to users using hidden value

Is it possible to use the owner_id property field to assign cases to users.

I dont want to use the Multiple choice lookup value; is it possible to use hidden value to get the user? and after that assign the owner_id property to that user - so that the user from the hidden value will be the owner?


Both of those approaches will work, as long as the result of the owner_id setter is a user’s internal ID (IE: not their username).


Thank you Clayton for your reply. What logic should I use in the Calculate Condition of the hidden value? for eg. for a user called “alex” - how can I find his internal user ID?

You can get the current user’s ID from the session metadata. If you want to get the ID’s of other users in the system, you can download the mobile workers current registered to find the mapping to their user_id column.


Thank you!

Anyone who looks into this as a reference:

  1. Download the mobile worker as per the procedure shown on the link Clayton has posted above; on the downloaded file you will find a user id that looks like 23aafadf… for every user.
  2. Create a hidden value question, use the question id of your own preference, and put the user id inside a quotation “23aafadf…” on the Calculate Condition field.
  3. Finally, assign the *question id to the owner_id property.