Calculating hidden value

Hello everyone,
I have a question (hidden value) to calculate the age based on date of birth and current date, the age is being updated for the cases from Commcare app, but it's not working for the cases which was imported from excel (bulk upload using the "import" tool)
is there a solution for this?


You're going to have to do the math in excel, and upload the calculated results.

Form logic/calculations do not fire through excel uploads - there's no android/web app to run them

Thanks Mazen, I already do the math in excel and i uploaded it to Commcare -using the import tool-, but I want the age to be updated yearly in according to the case's date of birth and the current date. I'm getting false age data because of this :frowning:

You might try only storing the date of birth, and then calculating the age in CommCare when you need it. Some example calculations are on this wiki page:

Hope it worked out for you @aysha? Otherwise have you tried using the auto-update case?
Read about it here, might be helpful: Automatically Update Cases - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence

thanks @Revelation , isn't the "update cases" is for opening and closing cases and not for updating such data? i couldn't do it from there.

Thanks @Ethan_Soergel , I'm using the Excel integration link to automate data, so i can't calculate the value manually each time

@Mazz , yes unfortunatlly :frowning: