Calculated property in case list with date-opened error


This is probably a very simple question but I am getting an NaN error.

I want to display in a case list the number of days a case has been in the system using a calculated property. I am trying to use the “date-opened” property.

today() - date-opened 

However, I get a NaN error. I’ve tried date(today()) - date(date-opened) and still get the same error. Different variations are returning a string conversation error.


Hi Tony,

is ‘days-opened’ a calculated property, here?

I would normally calculate what you are describing from inside the caselist with

today - date(date_opened)

Correct. This is a calculated property. I apologize and realized I did not put the correct formula initially.

This is what I tried initially.

today() - date-opened

I think you forgot to add the () on today, but thanks to you I was able to solve my problem.

today () - date(date _ opened)

Interestingly, I am able to reference date-opened as a property but had to use the underscore date_opened in a caculated property for it to work.


Aha, you are right that I missed the parentheses, thanks for the correction.

Sorry about the confusion regarding date-opened v. date_opened, there are a few places where there is a mismatch in the “polish” layer that the website applies to try to simplify some things, but then ends up making them harder for advanced cases.

Glad to hear you got everything running!