Best place to mount data drive on monolith server

What is the recommended mount point for a data drive on a monolith HQ server - / would be easy but I would imagine there are many benefits to mounting it in such a way that all Commcare data is stored on the data drive - mostly for ease of scale later and backup purposes (even if the entire server is snapshotted daily). Where is the encryptfs drive stored by default?

All suggestions welcome! Thanks!

Hi Ed

There are two places where CommCare 'data' is stored:

  • /home/cchq/www/<environment>: this is where all the commcare releases and configuration is stored. It's not usually necessary to back this data up.
  • /opt/data/: This is the root folder for all service data e.g. postgresql. Under normal circumstances this entire folder would be encrypted.

If you set /opt/data/ as your mount point for the external drive that would work best.

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Excellent, that answers it nicely, thanks Simon!