Automatic skip intro questions after first entry

My team would like to be able to skip the first questions once they have answered them once per day - e.g. the date, country, community they are working in that day as the answers will all be the same so they feel it is a waste of time. Is there any way to set it up so they can register these once per day before going on to collect data?

Hi Rachel

i think you can use this bit here

you can have two properties, one that says “Date of filling” and the other one “is filled”
then, you put 2 hidden calculations
calc 1: if date of filling = today and is filled = “TRUE”, return FALSE, else return TRUE.
display condition for question 1 is calc1
Calc 1 is stored against the property “is filled”
calc 2 = if (calc 1 = TRUE, “date of filling”, today())
calc 2 is stored against the property “Date of filling”

that should do your trick i think, or some slight variation of this.

This will make sure that each user only fills that question once per day.