Attendance lists after downgrading to the Community plan (2)

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.
I opened one of our apps today (that we created under the Pro Plan, but we have downgraded temporarily to the Community plan for budgetary issues). I was trying to capture some attendance lists. See screenshot below:

While everything seems fine, I am a bit worried whether I will not lose the information I would have captured since I figured out Lookup tables are not functional under the Community plan (we had used Lookup tables to generate attendance lists while we were still under the Pro Plan).

I was hoping I could capture the attendance lists now and then generate the reports (which I cannot do at the moment) after we upgrade.

Kindly guide me if it’s a wise thing for me to capture the attendance lists now when the project space is still under the Community plan.
Look forward to hearing from you guys, you are always helpful!


Your forms will continue to be submitted and processed in full, and the historical data will be available in your reports after the update to the new plan.


Thanks Clayon! Much appreciated.