Application Update


Im so excited to be on this platform. I have a question.

I had previously built an application with questions but I recently changed the questions. Now, when I export data, the answers still come under the old questions but on the mobile workers’ side, the questions are updated and on the spreadsheet they’re not


The forms that users collect are permanently associated with the questions they were asked at the time they answered them. Changes to your forms will only be reflected in forms that are collected after the changes.


Hi Clayton

Yes, that’s correct. But they’re not reflecting. Changes are not reflecting even on the forms that were collected after the changes. What could the problem be then?

Have you updated the export definition to include the new questions that were added?

Uhhm, I don’t think I know how to access the export definition. Is this it?

Also, some of the questions that I have updated on the application don’t appear on the export Link. Do you know what might be reason for that?

Did your form definition change entirely? Any new questions should appear in that list so you can check the box and add them to the export.

It didn’t change entirely. I just changed a few questions.

Is there a concrete question path that has been answered in submitted data and isn’t showing up in the export?

It’s possible the exports engine may only be aware of data which has actually ever been received into CommCare (IE: form submitted with a value present), which might explain why you aren’t seeing some fields.

Can you try submitting a test form with a question that’s not listed there and then navigate back to the export definition and see if it’s present with the box unchecked?