Announcing CommCare HQ on Instant OpenHIE

Hi CommCare Community,

Up to now we have used Docker for running our test suites, and for our developer environments, and those use cases have resulted in quite a complicated setup.

Recently we have been cleaning that up a little -- an ongoing process that isn't complete yet -- and working on a use case that can help our broader community: Making it easier to run a fully-functional demo or testing environment of CommCare HQ using Docker.

This post is to announce that we have something that works!

I recorded a little video this morning showing how to get a test CommCare HQ environment up and running with Instant OpenHIE. You can find that video here.

The repository that the video refers to is here.

And those test credentials again: / Passw0rd!

This work is fresh out the oven. In the next few days we will be cleaning things up a bit, so please excuse any rough edges you might find. We have not even opened a pull request for the OpenHIE team yet. (I like my commits to be neat and logical before I hand them over for other people to pick apart.)

But I am sharing this with you all now because I'm quite excited. You know that feeling when all the pieces fit together? That's the feeling I'd like to spread. (And I hope that feeling both explains and excuses my mistakes in that video (like, among other things, using the word "architecture" for "operating system").)

We will continue to smooth the edges around this work. And I look forward to building on these changes to make running CommCare HQ with Docker easier in the future, and integrations across platforms simpler to set up.

I hope you all will be enjoying Thanksgiving and other end-of-year celebrations wherever you are.

Warm regards,