Advanced Case Search Issues for Case Reassignment

I am using the advanced case search feature to reassign cases to users based on respondent sex. I have placed filters by case type and opened case status. I have created a subset of case IDs for women in excel and have used the code below:

_id:“case id1” OR _id:“case id2” OR _id:“case id3” OR _id:“case id4”…

I have tried placing one at a time and tried placing many at a time. I have tried making a space after the colon. All have resulted in no returned cases to reassign. Any insight on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I just tried it out and that does work for me. One thing you might try it to be sure you’re using simple quotation marks, that is, quotes like this:
not like this:
It doesn’t seem to matter whether there’s a space after the colon.

The other thing to check is that you’re using the CommCare case IDs, which look like this:
not the external ID. These are the same IDs that will appear in the URL if you go to the case detail page for one of those cases.