Admin on CommCare cannot see the logic options in a questionaire

I've added a co-worker to a "project" on CommCare and have made him an Admin on the project. When he looks through the application on the CommCare platform in a web browser he cannot see the options to change the logic of each question in the application. He is able to change the applications in other ways, he is just unable to see the logic sections for each question. He is able to create a new questionnaire and see the logic options for each of those questions. Do any of you know why he would be unable to see the logic options for each question in the survey that I created but is able to see the logic options for the survey he created? Thanks.


Could it be that the app without the logic does not have the 'Display Condition' Add On enabled? To check, access your App Settings and check the 'Add-Ons' tab.

If that's not it, perhaps the 'logic' section is collapsed. In Formbuilder (where you define questions for an app in CommCare), there's a hamburger menu in the top right. There, you'd need to ensure 'Logic' is enabled. Hopefully, this helps!