Adding reports to `scheduled Reports` List


scheduling report not working.

I have 2 issues regarding scheduling report.
1. case List report
2. scheduling custom reports

1. case List report

i was trying to schedule weekly case list report for regions. I used the following steps commcarehq documentation:

  1. i filter a report by region and saved it. eg. Amhara Case List
  2. navigate to saved report part and i get the report. that is “Amhara Case List”
  3. goto schedule report tab, and create new schedule
  4. i am not able to find a saved report i.e Amhara Case List from reports

2. scheduling custom reports

  1. I select one region, and health post from the the drop down selection
  2. I saved with selected parameters. egcustom report test
  3. navigate to saved report and i get the report. that is “custom report test”
  4. click on the report custom report test, then i see a filtered region and health post removed.