Accessing user properties in case list calculations

I would like to allow users to control whether they see ‘basic’ or ‘detailed’ data in the case list. There is a user property called “display_mode” that they can set in a separate form. I use this setting in a calculated case list property:
if(user/display_mode=‘basic’, basic_case_data, detailed_case_data)
This gives the following error:
The problem was located in $calculated_property: Logic references current()/user/display_mode which is not a valid question or value. You may have forgotten to include the full path to the question (e.g. /data/current()/user/display_mode). (Expanded reference: instance(casedb)/casedb/case[1]/user/display_mode)

I can display the property user/display_mode in the case list without any errors, so I know that it is defined correctly. I just can’t figure out how to access it from a calculated case property.

Hi Emma,

Unfortunately, Easy References aren’t supported in Calculated Case Detail properties.

You can still reference the field you are referring to, but you’ll need to write the reference manually, I think in your case you need to replace





Thanks, this is exactly what I need!