About the order of the Excel exported data

Hi, I have a question on the Excel exported data.
How is this order of the row determined? It seems it is not related either
with completed time or any other ID.
Now I want to download the data two times a day to check the data quality,
I mean, whether enumerators are putting correct information.
After I check the data in the morning(let’s say A to K), and then in the
afternoon another data set (let’s say L to Z) will be sent to the cloud.
But in the data I download in the afternoon, A to Z will be shown in a
(seemingly) randomized order, but I want to separate A to K from L to Z
because for the former group I have finished checking the data.
Of course in the general form, I can sort them according to the completed
time. But the issues is with the repeated group sheet which I can not sort
by time.
Is there any way I can arrange the order of the row of the exported data?
Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you.