About the environments

I would like to setup a simple commcare cloud installation. Because the monolithic setup is not possible at the moment (Python 2 and 3 at the same time), could anyone suggest which sample environment would be better for having one VM for Cloud, and antoher one for the HQ, in the same private network?

Thanks in advance

CommCare Cloud and CommCare HQ are intended to be run in different Python virtual environments. Both of these environments can be on the same machine, even though they use different versions of Python.

Very useful, thanks. I was doing in the same env.

Thanks, but I am not still sure which parts of the guide should be executed in what environment. I know how to manage them, but I am not sure of what it should be done in each of them.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, realized I hadn’t responded to this yet. Can you confirm what guide you’re looking at? Is it this one?

That instructs you to install commcare-cloud. When installed as described, it will be available system-wide, and will automatically use the appropriate virtualenv.

The only commands that need to be run from within the commcare-hq code directory and virtualenv are those which begin with $ ./manage.py, but I don’t believe there’s a need to call any of those manually. commcare-cloud automatically triggers those commands in many of its internal operations.

Now everything works. It was migrate_on_fresh_install.yml using the wrong python-env.

Thanks anyway.