A case list displays only specific clients


We have two organizational levels in our app. Health Center(HC) and Health Post(HP). HPs are one level below HCs.
Users at HCs should be able to see and update cases owned by HPs. In our case, this is working only if the registered clients are either pregnant women or children under the age of two. However, if the clients registered are male and above the age of 2, the users at HC couldn’t see them in case lists. I have tried to enable the “View Child Data” setting in the organization levels. When I did that, HC users can view each and every case that is owned by HPs. But the following error pops up when I try to register a new client at HC with the “view child data” setting enabled. "The case sharing settings for the user are incorrect. This user must be in exactly one case sharing group. Please contact your supervisor."

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Dawit,

This is a quite common issue and it’s often related to the users/locations/groups configuration and/or how the cases ownership is being set. Have you had a chance to look at this confluence page? It contains information that can help debugging this type of error.

As per the initial issue, I believe there may be a condition based on the client demographics used to provide HC users access to the cases. I’d suggest looking for a question setting the property owner_id in your case management or some delegate case being created and the ownership set to HC level.


Hi Ahmad,

Thank you so much for your help. I have solved the issue by modifying the way the delegate case is created. Which is by adding a new delegation type for Male and non pregnant clients.