Platform Announcements

Mobile Pre-Release This category is where platform announcements related to the mobile application will be shared. This includes pre-release announcements and other important updates.
About the Platform Announcements category [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCareHQ Update: We rolled back our recent changes to Related Cases under the Case Data page [Platform Announcements] (1)
New Release: CommCare Data Export Tool 1.0 [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.44.3 Point Release [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.44.2 Point Release [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.44.1 Point Release [Platform Announcements] (1)
Product Update: Cleaning data in CommCare just got easier! [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.44 Pre-Release Available [Mobile Pre-Release] (1)
Breath Counter App Release Available [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare Data Export Tool: v0.21.0 Release [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.43.1 Point Release [Platform Announcements] (1)
CommCare 2.43 Pre-Release Available [Mobile Pre-Release] (1)
CommCare 2.42.2 Point Release [Platform Announcements] (1)